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Get Management Approval to Attend NASTT’s No-Dig Show

Do you want to attend NASTT’s No-Dig Show but need to get management’s approval? Here are a few tips to help you make a case for attending NASTT’s No-Dig Show.

  • Provide your manager with the show agenda and highlight technical sessions you plan to attend. Show how these sessions align with the priorities of your organization. Technical Sessions
  • List the reasons your company/organization will benefit by sending you to NASTT’s No-Dig Show.
    • You’ll earn CEUs.
    • You’ll be able to attend peer-reviewed presentations that are relevant to your organization’s current projects and/or challenges.
    • You’ll be able to network, which has numerous benefits (pick the reasons most relevant to you: meeting new prospects, meet prospects or others who would be hard to reach otherwise, get referrals or find out about upcoming projects, find a new employee, get new ideas, attract new opportunities, etc).
    • You’ll be able to investigate and research more trenchless products and services in the No-Dig Show’s exhibit hall than anywhere else.
  • Outline costs of attending the show, including hotel, travel, meals, registration, etc. Use some of the reasons outlined above to show the ROI your company will receive by sending you to the show.
  • Commit to sharing information learned with your co-workers in a post-conference briefing.
  • Provide your manager with an approval letter to get permission and funding to attend NASTT’s No-Dig Show. CLICK HERE to download a sample letter to help you get approval from your manager. Feel free to edit and customize the letter to fit your needs.


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